Who we are?

Nitesh Agrico is a diversified agri-business company dedicated towards improving the productivity of the Indian farmers and livestock yields. We primarily focus on three broad businesses – Poultries & Hatcheries, Fruits & Vegetable and Dairy – and aspire to build leading marketing positions in near future.

We are an integrated corporate agricultural company focussing on the complete chain of food related businesses right from the farms till the door-steps of our esteemed customers. Our goal is to ensure that our customers get the best quality products and to do that, we actively engage with our farmer-partners right from the early stages. We bring in the global best practices in agriculture around the world which helps our farmers through all the stages of production like selection of seeds, preparation of soil, irrigation of crop and addition of nutrient supplements, harvesting of crop and storage-cum-transportation of produce to the customers. Because of our integrated back-end infrastructure and active connection with our customers, we can provide the feed-back of the customers directly to the farmers. This helps them to produce the products that has maximum market viability.

Nitesh Agrico is focussed on the dairy business in India and is already counted amongst the innovators in Indian dairy business. India is the largest milk producing country in the world. Yet the per capita production of milk has been declining in last couple of years. The dairy sector has not been able to keep pace with the rising population and the era of exponential growth of milk production has tapered off. Nitesh Agrico understand the gravity of this situation and wants to develop a strong dairy business that helps India become self-sufficient and net exporter of milk and dairy products.

 Nitesh Agrico is also focussed on Poultries and Hatcheries. We believe that our customers should always get the best quality eggs, meat and meat-related products. However, because of the vastly unorganized market of Animal proteins, the customers find it difficult to get good quality meet. There are very few organized players in Animal proteins business and they primarily deal in frozen meat and meat-related products. Nitesh Agrico envisages to become a corporate brand which is synonymous to fresh and quality meat and meat-related products. Nitesh Agrico currently operates in Poultry and hatchery space. However, we aspire to diversify across the whole spectrum of meat and meat-related products.