Sustainable Development

At Nitesh Agrico, sustainability defines the way we do business, now and in the future. It means living our corporate values and constantly delivering quality produce and enhancing the long-term prosperity for all our stakeholders.

Sustainable development is now an imperative. The challenges we have to meet at the start of the 21st century is enormous. If we have to continue effectively, we believe our personal activities must address 5 major challenges.

    • Maintaining our territorial roots
    • Adapting to changing Markets
    • Combating climatic changes
    • Conservation of resources
    • Preserve the quality of life for present and future generation of farmers

At Nitesh Agrico, we will aim to establish ourselves as one of the leading Corporate Agriculture Companies in India.

What we produce and Influence

    • We continuously contribute to educating and influencing the community we work in to live sustainably
    • We create and facilitate skilling and employment for local people in the farming community
    • We continue to produce economically sustainable products
    • We qualitatively contribute to the economic development of the regions in which Nitesh Agrico operates