Indian poultry is one of the fastest growing segments of agricultural sector in India. The production of agricultural crop has been rising at the rate of 1.5% to 2% per annum while the production of eggs and broiler has been rising at the rate of 8% to 10% per annum. India ranks fifth in egg production in world and is the eighteenth largest producer of broilers in the world.

India has witnessed tremendous changes in its socio-economic conditions owing to growth in per capita income and increase in urban population. This led to exponential increase in demand for poultry. In order, to fulfil this demand, the Indian poultry industry has undergone a paradigm shift in its structure and operation. The Indian poultry industry has transformed from a mere backyard activity to a full-fledged commercial activity within couple of decades. However, extensive commercialization and production of meat and meat-related products at industrial scale have vastly compromised the freshness and quality of poultry.

Nitesh Agrico believes that our customers should always get the best quality eggs, meat and meat-related products. However, because of the vastly unorganized market of Animal proteins, the customers find it difficult to get good quality meet. There are very few organized players in Animal proteins business and they primarily deal in frozen meat and meat-related products. Nitesh Agrico envisages to become a corporate brand which is synonymous to fresh and quality meat and meat-related products. Nitesh Agrico currently operates in Poultry and hatchery space. However, we aspire to diversify across the whole spectrum of meat and meat-related products.