Our Vision, Values and Code of Conduct


Our Vision

To be the largest Indian Corporate Agriculture Company spanning the entire chain of back-end processes of the food retail business.

We envision our products to be one amongst the best in the world and available in all the best retail outlets and Supermarkets across the world in Europe, North America and Asia. We will invest in what it takes to achieve this vision. We will empower our people to demonstrate leadership to make this vision a reality and pro-actively work with our stake-holders, including farmers, logistic partners, retail partners, our work-force, our suppliers, etc. to make this vision a reality. At Nitesh Agrico, we are committed to make this vision a reality.


Our Values

    • Integrity: Acting and taking decision in a manner which is fair and honest. Following the highest standards of professionalism and being recognised for doing so. Integrity for us means not only financial and intellectual integrity but encompasses all other forms as are generally understood.
    • Commitment to our employees: We believe that continuous growth and development of our employees is key to our success. We recognize employees for their contribution to company’s success.
    • Team work: We encourage teamwork and firmly believe that a strong team is at the core of every success.
    • Trust: We believe in delivering the trust, which has been given to us by the farmers across the nation.
    • Quality: We strive to ensure that our produce in all items that our company is engaged in is of the topmost quality specifications and meets all international standards.
    • Long-term approach: We will not compromise on long-term goals by accepting short-term gains.


Code of Conduct

“Code of Conduct” explains the standards the company expects in the conduct of its operations. The code supports the Group’s core values especially integrity, which is non-negotiable and links these values to more specific regional, local and global policies. The code has been endorsed by the Nitesh Agrico Management and the Board of Directors and applies to every employee of Nitesh Agrico. Every employee must adhere to the Nitesh Agrico code of conduct at all the times.

General Guidelines: If there are occasions when the employee may not be sure as to whether their actions constitute a breach of this code, in this instance, we encourage all our employees to contemplate the following question:

“Would I be willing to see what I am doing, or what I am about to do be described in detail in the trade journal, newspapers, magazines on the front page which would be read by my family and others?”

    • We believe this question will encourage employees to think about the code of conduct, integrity, honesty and commitment of their actions in the situation that they are in and act appropriately.
    • We strongly recommend that this test be undertaken even in activities which involve no legal impropriety and is not expressively prohibited by the code.