Fruits and Vegetables

India is a leader in fruit cultivation globally while it ranks second in the cultivation of vegetables. The ever-growing agricultural industry has offered the world with some of the finest fruits and vegetables to choose from. The diverse Indian climatic conditions are suitable for the cultivation and production of varied fruits and vegetables and the availability of cheap labour adds up as a plus point. Nitesh Agrico’s venture into this industry assures the global market of quality produce that match international quality standards backed by our expertise in the same.

Nitesh Agrico is focused on growing Fruits and Vegetables of the highest standards and providing it to its customers in India and across the globe in North America, Australia, Europe and Asia.

We are an integrated corporate agricultural company focussing on the complete chain of food related businesses right from the farms till the door-steps of our esteemed customers. Our aim is to ensure that our customers get the best quality products and to do that, we actively engage with our farmer-partners right from the early stages. We bring in the global best practices in agriculture around the world which helps our farmers through all the stages of production like selection of seeds, preparation of soil, irrigation of crop and addition of nutrient supplements, harvesting of crop and storage-cum-transportation of produce to the customers. Because of our integrated back-end infrastructure and active connection with our customers, we can provide the feed-back of the customers directly to the farmers. This helps them to produce the products that has maximum market viability.

Our long-term goal is to increase the production per capita, improve the efficiency of cultivation and train farmers in modern farming and cultivation techniques. We, at Nitesh Agrico, have the expertise, technology and manpower that are the means for achieving this goal.