Founder’s Message

“We at Nitesh Agrico have embarked on a mission to create sustainable long-term business in the Indian Agricultural Industry. We believe the Indian Agricultural Industry has huge potential and needs to be harnessed rightly by means of educating farmers, improving the quality of the produce, bringing in better farming techniques, winning trust of farmers, improving the distribution methods and bringing in place the right frame work for logistic support to ensure perishables are well taken care of.

Our aim is to be one of the Nation’s best Corporate Agricultural Companies and have our produce from farms across Nations, which are benchmarked with the best quality standards globally and are exported through the best retail outlets and supermarkets around the world.

The most important aspect of our business is to gain the trust of farmers and deliver on our promises. We are in talks with Vendor Partners for Cold Storage, logistics, trucking and shipping.

In our quest to be one of the leading Corporate Agriculture Companies in India, we will invest in what it takes to achieve our vision. We will empower our people to demonstrate leadership, pro-actively work with our stake-holders, including farmers, logistic partners, retail partners, work force, suppliers amongst others to make our vision a reality.

Today, there is a lot of support from the Ministry of Agriculture and the Prime Minister’s Office who are committed to seeing the Agri business improve.”