India is the largest producer and consumer of dairy in the world. With dairy industry worth INR 5,000 billion in 2016, India has been the largest milk producing country in the world since 1997. However, the dairy market in India is highly unorganized and fragmented.

The co-operatives and private dairies have access to just 20% of the milk produced in India. While 46% of the milk produced is consumed locally, approximately 34% of the milk is sold in the unorganized market. This is starkly contrasting to most of the developed economies where 90% of the surplus milk passes through the organized sector.

Nitesh Agrico envisages to disrupt the unorganized dairy market and help the dairy farmers reap maximum benefit out of their produce by channelling it through its organized dairy market. Nitesh Agrico is highly focussed on the dairy business in India and is already counted amongst the innovators in Indian dairy business.

Further, though India is the largest milk producing country in the world, yet the per capita production of milk has been declining in last couple of years. The dairy sector has not been able to keep pace with the rising population and the era of exponential growth of milk production has tapered off. Nitesh Agrico understand the gravity of this situation and wants to develop a strong dairy business that helps India become self-sufficient and net exporter of milk and dairy products in the days to come.